models elementary school kids have made on their own


What students are saying

Learned a lot about new shapes and how to use the computer to create objects that were then printed for real. I loved seeing what I made on the screen actually become something I could bring home. I didn’t know how to do any of this before starting the ECA so I learnt a lot. Mr. Seto was a great teacher with good information, tips and patience to help us create lots of cool and fun designs like astronauts, planes, cups and rockets.


Harry Kilmartin

student, age 10

Mr. Seto is a very good teacher who explains seemingly difficult problems about Fusion 360. He has also taught me to use the originally unwieldy Fusion 360, that, with his help, becomes easier than pie.


Vivek Wilson

student, age 12

I have always been keen to learn things like 3D printing as I’ve genuinely been interested in different types of technology. I think overall the class itself was a real learning experience about how 3D printing works and it was a really fun experience being able to create something new every week and experiment with the different tools on the program. I think I learned a lot from the experience and it was just a really fun activity to do after school. Thank you for being such a good teacher and congratulations on the book. I hope it can be a good learning experience for others who see it.


Stephanie Kwan

student, age 12

What educators are saying

David’s after school class has been one of the most popular in the school and is always over-subscribed. This is because of his ease of communication and excellent method in teaching 3D printing. By developing the tasks as the ingredients of a recipe, with a step-by- step guide to produce a model, he has made the concepts accessible to all in a manageable way.

Dedicated in outlook, David is committed to the success of every child. I can definitely recommend David to you as a reliable and committed practitioner who motivates and inspires interest greatly in 3D printing.


Brian Cooklin

Managing Director Nord Anglia Education, India (formerly Founding Principal of Nord Anglia International School, Hong Kong)

David Seto’s 3D Printing Cookbook is a fabulous, easy to read introduction to Fusion 360. Guaranteed to be a hit with students!


Lydia Cline

JCCC Drafting Professor and Fusion 360 Author

“David has this gift of being able to communicate a topic that can be intimidating, in a simple and approachable way. He’s introduced 3D design and 3D printing to many who grew in confidence and are now undertaking complex and ambitious projects. We are so grateful to collaborate with David.


Cesar Jung Harada

Founder and Director of MakerBay and Senior Lecturer in Design and Architecture, The University of Hong Kong

About the Authors

Educators and Entrepreneurs

David Seto

Author, Educator, Entrepreneur
David Seto is a career banker and CFO turned 3D printing evangelist, entrepreneur and instructor. After teaching over 500 students 3D design for 3D printing, he authored twin books, both titled The 3D Printing Cookbook, to provide STEM teachers two full courses in 3D printing. Each book targets different age groups in school, but adults will find them useful as well! David hopes to blend his past 25+ years in finance and C-level management with his recent experience as a 3D printing instructor to encourage everyone to give this very exciting technology a try. We are still only in the beginning stages of the next manufacturing revolution which will include industries as well as individuals.

Michael Welch

Editor, Designer, Entrepreneur
Michael Welch is a tech and mobile games entrepreneur, designer, trainer who taught 3D printing to 3rd and 4th graders in the United States. Michael believes 3D printing is a new, unique way for children begin thinking about the design of everyday objects and apply their insights and creativity to develop design solutions of their own. Like wood shop before it, this is a great new way for kids young and old to customize their physical environment to their own lifestyle - and The 3D Printing Cookbook offers an easy path to gaining the skills needed become proficient.